Future Office Visits Information

Complete Wellness Chiropractic will work with you to develop a personalized, comprehensive wellness plan, based on the results of your first office visit.

After completing your first office visit, we will schedule a follow-up appointment. The second visit is one of the most important appointments with us, Dr. Cynowa will spend approximately one-hour reviewing the findings of your first visit.

Based on your findings, the doctor will thoroughly explain the causes contributing to your current state of health.


A specific care plan, unique to your health goals will be discussed. Once there is a mutual agreement to start care and what is required of doctor and patient, your care can now begin!

You will have the options to get your first adjustment and start your individualized plan to optimal health.

Always a great experience at Complete Wellness!! Dr. Rob has been great in assisting me with relieving stress tension in my upper back and neck.

— J. Wetzel

Adjustments: Regular appointments typically take 10 to 15 minutes of your day. This allows you to consistently achieve the benefits you desire and not be a burden with your time. The doctor will re-examine your spine on each visit for subluxations and specifically deliver a chiropractic adjustment along with any other actions necessary in your care plan.

Adjunctive Procedures: The doctor may suggest the application of ice or the use of some other procedure to help reduce inflammation and make you more comfortable. Advice also will be given on posture, exercise and nutrition to speed your recovery.

Education: Within your first month of care all patients are required to attend our ‘Why Wellness Works’ workshop. Please bring your family or a friend along for 60 minutes of foundational knowledge on how your care at our office will take you to the highest levels of health possible.

This will also help guarantee that all your questions are answered while you are starting care and provide you with the tools to ensure you get the best results.

Each month we also offer a separate unique workshop to take your health to the next level with Nutrition, Exercise, Positive Thinking and Vaccinations. Make sure to check with the front office staff or our website calendar to find out when the next workshop is coming up.

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