About Chiropractic

Chiropractors specialize in the detention of subluxations in the spine. Subluxations are misalignments in the spine that interfere with nerve functions.


Chiropractic care was discovered in 1895 by Daniel David (DD) Palmer and our profession grew under the guidance of his son, Bartlett Joshua (BJ) Palmer.Chiropractic is unique in today’s world in that it is one of the few professions whose focus is on regaining health, not treating symptoms.

When subluxations are present, the nerve communication between the brain and body becomes altered and the body is unable to function at 100%.

Chiropractors are the only physicians specially trained to find and remove these subluxations by performing a gentle adjustment to the nervous system at the right time in the right place through the spine. When the pressure is removed from your nervous system the brain body connection is once again restored, allowing for normal function and healing.

My health has really improved since I’ve been under Dr. Rob’s care. I am able to exercise more and I eat more healthy. I stay active and fit and that is the best way to age gracefully.
— E. Isaacs

Most of what we consider "health care" is, in actuality, "sick care." Many visits to a traditional medical doctor result in surgery or prescriptions to alleviate the symptoms we are experiencing. The true cause of why we have the symptoms in the first place is rarely addressed.

Chiropractic care goes directly to the root cause of ill health, initiating lifelong healing and wellbeing. Stress is rampant in today’s world and is the trigger of a lowered state of health, wellbeing and immunity. Stress causes numerous reactions in the body, which lead to ill health if not taken care of. This is why chiropractors take care of subluxations, the root cause of symptoms and ill health.

Complete Wellness Chiropractic takes this a step further in educating their patients on how and where many of these stresses in daily life come from and how to prevent them. When you visit our office we will focus on finding subluxations, the cause of illness and address any other lifestyle factors leading to these subluxations.

Through this approach Complete Wellness Chiropractic has been extremely successful in treating some of the toughest cases in our community. This also has led Complete Wellness Chiropractic to be named ‘Best Chiropractic Office’ and ‘Best Wellness/Nutritional Office’ by multiple entities for consecutive years.