Additional Services

Functional Movement

An incredible program that will teach you how you should be moving on a daily basis and when to do it during a normal day.

Nutritional Consultation

Let our unique qualifications in lifestyle wellness help start you on a better path towards nutritional greatness. We will help you evaluate your most significant immediate needs and where your ideal in the future can be.

HRV Therapy

A life changing program designed to help re-pattern your heart and brain connection in order to greatly reduce stress, build resilience, and unlock your natural intuitive guidance for making better choices.  Many of the concepts in this program have come from the HeartMath Institute and Dr. Cynowa's training with them.

An open community program inspiring vitalistic, holistic and natural parenting strategies. We further address the challenges young families face in deciding how to birth and raise their children and live a more health conscious lifestyle.

Pathways Connect

Call us at (866) 400-8480 or book through our online scheduler below.

There are very few times in our life when we meet somebody/ Organization that makes a huge impact in our lives. I will go on record saying that Complete Wellness Chiropractic, Dr. Rob, and his staff have done just that. I have been with this chiropractic clinic for almost 2 years now. Let me tell you my healing goes way beyond my neck and lower back. He addresses everything: stress, nutrition, exercise, conscious living and accountability. It’s amazing to see how wonderful he is with children and pregnant moms. I have accused Dr. Rob many times of having magic hands. What I’d like to say to you my dear readers that he also has a loving healing heart.
— M. Rowan