Corporate Services

Dr. Robert Cynowa, D.C., C.C.W.P., C.C.E.P. is an expert speaker on health and wellness as well as a licensed chiropractor. With 10+ years of chiropractic experience and extensive education in health and wellness, Dr. Cynowa is a wealth of knowledge on how to eat well, move well, and think well.  He is a dynamic speaker who is passionate about sharing the message of health and vitality!

Our vision here at Complete Wellness Chiropractic is to “radically re-energize the health of our community to restore the beauty in families.”

Providing complimentary, corporate Lunch and Learns to local area business teams is one way we can fulfill this vision.

Dr. Cynowa would love to bring a complimentary, healthy lunch for your team of three or more and speak about a health and wellness topic of your choice!  

Here are some of the topics that he offers regularly:

15-20 Minute TED Talks

  • 5 Energizing Strategies You’re Probably Overlooking
  • How to Regain Mental Focus to Create Ultra Success
  • 5 Undeniable Habits of a Billionaire Mindset 

60 Minute Deep Dives

  • Think Well: Diving Deep into the Values Behind Your Everyday Decisions
  • Move Well: Diving Deep into the Movements for Instant Clarity and Daily Success
  • Eat Well: Diving Deep into the Nutritional Strategies to Keep You Energized and Focused

Additional Topics

  • Managing Stress Effectively
  • Better Sleep
  • Building Immunities
  • Heart Health
  • Combatting Postural Stress
  • Women’s Health
  • Pregnancy: The Natural, Enjoyable Way
  • Chiropractic & Kids
  • ADHD
  • Allergies/Asthma

If there is a topic that you feel would be most beneficial and relevant to your team, Dr. Cynowa is more than happy to provide a talk targeting the information you feel would best suit the participants.

Dr. Cynowa generally has the following availability for these Lunch and Learn Talks:

  • Tuesdays/Thursdays: 1-3PM
  • Fridays: 12-3PM
  • Morning and evening times available upon request

If you are interested in providing a Lunch and Learn for your team, please contact our office at 704-899-5000 or email us at  

We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Together, we can radically re-energize the health of our community!

Health and Wellness Fairs

Our team is passionate about spreading the chiropractic message to our community!  We would be thrilled to be apart of any health and wellness fairs that your company offers.  

Our Health Fair services include:

  • Prizes
  • Health survey
  • Spinal Screening
  • Discounted First Day Visit (*CHUSA membership required)

Add us to your health fair team!  

Phone: 704-899-5000


Dr. Rob has a wonderful outlook about health, work, and an overall balanced life. His attitude and personality are magnetic and his positive nature is a blessing to his family, friends, and all he comes in contact with. My husband saw great benefits from his services and our entire family thinks he is wonderful. You should definitely seek his services, either as an individual or as a family!!
— B. Belmonte