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Looking for a New Home to Practice ChiropracTIC…

We are looking to add to our tribe!

This is an opportunity for that one individual who does not want to be part of the chiropractic associate mess often times seen in our profession. ie... “Come work for us, it will be great, awesome salary/benefits!” (Then within a month you realize you became their glorified CA tech/marketing/screening workhorse and quickly begin to  wonder what you got yourself into.” This is not what we are offering.

Our office has been successfully delivering subluxation driven and lifestyle wellness care for over 10 years.  We deliver Chiropractic first and always, lifestyle recommendations second. We are located in Fort Mill, South Carolina.  Our small town feel ~27,000 population is a small sized community to settle into, yet we are only 22 minutes from Downtown Charlotte.  We are 20 minutes from the airport, 2 hours from the mountains and 3 hours away from the ocean. Lake Wylie is in our back yard with 325 miles of shoreline.  Our community has been the fastest growing county for over 10 years and counting and was labeled best place to raise a family and safest communities over the past 3 years.  

To describe our practice best, here are a few names and concepts to help:  We are subluxations centered and speak subluxation here. Our philosophical constructs include Holism, Vitalism and the biopsychosocial models of environment and its relationship to our patients health.  Recent philosophy as you might hear from Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Dr. Christopher Kent and Dr. John DeMartini. Pregnant moms, kiddos and families are the core of our practice. We treasure the ICPA, their instructors and the training they deliver to our profession.  We follow paleo concepts similar to the teachings of Dr. James Chestnut and his Lifestyle and Wellness Certification through the ICA. Business principles as laid by Rick Sapio and Business Finishing School. We have developed specific programs to support our patients healthier lifestyles through eating, moving and connected thinking.  We utilize specific hands on techniques for structural corrections like Gonstead, Thompson, Logan and even diversified as would be taught be great instructors at Palmer, Sherman, Life and a small handful of other schools. We have a x-ray unit on site and are not afraid of it. We honor tonal work and utilize Torque Release Technique as Dr. Jay Holder teaches and similar like Toggle Recoil, MC2 or similar.  We appreciate the hard work Dr. Matt McCoy and others have contributed to subluxations based research. We value what we do, strive for excellence, work hard to be compliant and never devalue what chiropractic care can offer by giving things away. This is but an umbrella of what happens in our office daily over the past 10 years.

If any of this makes sense to you please consider reaching out to us for more information.  We are looking for a Independent Contractor to join our mission and lead the patients we would be serving in a similar fashion and message.  We have an extensive interview process to help insure this would be an excellent mutual fit.

The best part though, you would be an independent contractor. Learn from us and utilize the world class systems we have time tested.  Also learn the many areas we have failed to not go and repeat yourself. Set your own hours, work when and how you choose, do what you truly want and need to do to be a successful ChiropracTOR.  It's up to you, we are there as a guide and umbrella, you get to make it happen.

If you are serious about learning more please reach out to me directly by sending a Resume/CV and why this is an opportunity you would like to be considered for.

Robert Cynowa Jr., D.C., C.C.E.P., C.C.W.P.