Do You See What I See?

Equal…hmm, lets see.

How does your mind see?

Do you see what I see?

First off, the idea of writing feels worse to me than changing a flat tire on the side of an expressway, in the pitch dark, pouring rain, with a screaming child in the back seat. Yet after ten years of avoiding writing my thoughts, I’m officially diving in.

So to get started I was very curious to get a glimpse of how other individuals see their world.

Aristotle wrote: “Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”

I believe Aristotle knew that beliefs and values, especially taught early on while the mind is still developing, play an enormous role in shaping future decisions and actions.

We also know that many of these belief systems we learn early on in life stay with our subconscious mind, and become the default lense in which we see everyday life and the experiences within it.

Did you know that there are ways you can uncover old belief systems which dictate many of your daily actions… and rewrite them?

So I ask, how does your mind see?  Have you ever considered the notion?  Have you considered that not everyone sees life through the same lense with the same beliefs and value systems?  Contrarily, have you ever considered how many people may analyze life very similar to yourself?

On a daily basis, although it’s not my job, I feel like I have a unique ability to inspire others to create greatness in their lives.

Through my writings, I hope that my words now and in the future might have the ability to do just that same thing for my readers and many others.  For any readers who choose to dive into MY mind, and the way it see’s the world.  I applaud you and welcome you wholeheartedly.

My mind is one that circulates around health. Everything I see, I see from a context of eating, moving, and thinking well. For whatever reason, my neurology seems to be hardwired to enjoy that type of analysis, taking me back far beyond practicing Tai Chi back in middle school.  What does that really mean?  It means I believe that there is sufficiency in everything, and also the opportunity for deficiency in everything.

It means that when I see a problem, reaction, symptom or dilemma, I rarely look for a solution to the problem; rather, I always look for the cause of the problem. I believe the body is incomprehensibly intelligent, adaptive, and intuitive. I believe the body and the mind insist on and always give us feedback, letting us know the environment that we’re in is either nurturing or depleting.

I believe this feedback is there to be embraced, and that it is feedback of an intelligent system, reminding us what our past decisions have equaled in our current state.  

Unfortunately, not all of this occurs in real time, as our sound bite society would insist it should.

While I believe that crisis intervention, emergency treatment, and symptom management are necessary, they will never provide us with long-term solutions to our everyday health problems.

By truly and deeply exploring with vulnerability, the notion that what we do truly leads us to where we are at, we have the opportunity to change our future.

Throughout my writings, time on this Earth and legacy thereafter, I never intend to imply what is right or wrong.  Yet, merely to ask questions and pose thoughts from an alternative perspective, that might provide others further insights, better correlations, and the opportunity to truly create healthier generations for generations to come.

So how does your mind think?  No really, I would love to know, and my guess is so would many others.  We speak of a world based on equality, beliefs, values, and opportunities, yet do we not look at many of those very same things through very different lenses?

How do you see everyday? How do you analyze the world around you?

I hope you enjoyed the read!

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